Online Webinar Event Hosted by Agnes Molnar, Search Explained

10 Steps to Be Successful with Enterprise Search


Search is no longer simply about "Search". While information overload is the reality of our lives, and everyone talks about Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT), findability gets more and more critical. The "old school" Search Center experience is outdated - we need something better, something more, something that is more efficient, more user-friendly and more helpful. Recognizing these challenges is the first step of a long journey. In this session, I'm introducing proven steps toward being successful with Search, as well as common mistakes which you can avoid if you're well prepared.

What You’ll Learn About:

The process & components of Search.
The most common challenges of Search, and mistakes to avoid.
Setting up the Search Team - Experts you need to be successful
How to prepare your content for better findability, and how Search can help to make your content better.
Why and how to enhance the Search Experience in SharePoint and Office 365.
How to get prepared for Office 365 and Hybrid Search.
Security and Privacy in Search.